To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo

I've been thinking about having a tattoo now for a good few years, I'm kind of obsessed with them and even did a project on one for Uni but there's always something holding me back, whether it's my mother telling me how it's going to look awful when I'm a sweet old lady in a nursing home or when I'm walking down the street and I see a woman in her mid-forties with basically a blob on her arm or the words DARREN sprawled across her chest and she looks, well, awful! Then I think tattoo's are generally more accepted these days plus the skill in doing them is 100% better than it used to be so hopefully it wouldn't end up just looking like a blob. My favourite kind of tattoo's are discreet lettering/lyrics and bird tattoo's. Im kind of obsessed with swallows and would love a little black and grey one somewhere discreetly. One of my idols is Kat Von D who is absolutely covered head to toe in tattoos, i don't think I'd go down that root but that made me think of other famous women and who of them had tattoos. Sienna Miller has about 4 (including a swallow which I love, the design is perfect but I wouldn't want to copy with the placement and be a freaky fan) and Nicole Richie has nearly 20, which you'd never know about! Megan fox has a fair few but slightly more obvious. Then theres Angelina Jolie who has countless ones and she's just amazing, she can really get away with tattoo's everywhere without looking like a trucker! Another is Fearne Cotton, she has loads and they really suit her.

One of my favourite tattoo blogs is this one it's full of gorgeous pictures of tattoos and completely my style!

I think i just need to either go for it or forget about it completely!

Nicole Richie

Megan Fox

Angelina Jolie

Sienna Miller

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Mark said...

WOW that was really great and sexy pictures.

I must say the tattoo are amazing.