A bit of love for Courtney Love

So I watched this really interesting documentary last night about Courtney Love. It was about 3 hours long and was about her music career, her life with Kurt Cobain, her drug problem and just generally her rollercoaster life! So i started looking back at old pictures and saw how much she's changed. Her face has been changed by surgery, her body by dramatic weight loss and then weight gain but i do love her fashion sense. She use to rock the baby doll dresses and the red lipstick and the messed up hair! She looks so different back in the late 80's, almost unrecognisable! As i was searching i remember that she did a shoot for Elle UK back in january 2009 so i thought I'd share that today as i think it was a great shoot where she looked fab and I'd tell anyone who has that issue to re-read the interview as it's really interesting.

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