Blown Away

Literally blown away by this Vogue Cover, I absolutely love it!

Mixed Up World

Series 5 of Skins began in the UK this week and to prepare for this I watched from the beginning as I've been doing my work. (By the way don't get me started on US version of Skins! Why did they remake it? The whole point of Skins its that it's 100% British and has no American connection) Now when I think of skins I think "poser, life isn't really like that, we're all more like the cast of Inbetweeners(if you haven't watched it, you must as it's just utterly brilliant) and it's far too far-fetched!" Then when I re-watched  first generation of Skins, I realised how brilliant it is. People can totally relate to it and it's a lot more gritty. They went too far with the second generation. I think it was Effy, she was beautiful but she knew it. They were all too good looking and they all had too many problems and things got dramatic (killing Freddie with a baseball bat?!?) I'll give the new series a chance but i doubt it will ever beat the first generation. If you haven't watched it, have a look on 4OD they have them all there! My favourite character was Cassie. She was just crazy. What did you all think of the Skins series?

Looking Back Frock And Roll

One of my favourite couples, Karen Elson and Jack White, doing a shoot for US Vogue in 2010 shot by Annie Leibovitz. Love these shots!Their such an interesting looking couple!

Did a photo shoot today for my brand Lyric Me. We used a polaroid camera which was really cool and such a shame their not in production anymore! Going to definitely get one for myself as they still make some film! Will share pictures soon! Have a look at our blog! 

Teenage Wasteland

Perfect Friday Song to just chill to. Having some stressful times and this song just makes me forget about everything! Doing a photo shoot tomorrow, will share the images soon! Have a lovely weekend!

"Don't Cry
Don't raise you eye
It's only teenage wasteland"

Madonna Countdown-Number 8

In at number 9 on the Madonna countdown is "Give It 2 Me" which was released in 2008. Pharrell Williams was also on the track. I love how different the track is to the other Madonna ones and I absolutely love this video. The whole look of the video is really cool even if Madonna was 50 and wearing hot pants ha. Do you like this Madonna song?

Match Made In Film Heaven

How beautiful would Anne Hathaway and James Franco's children be? The presenters of The Oscars released these images today as the oscar nominations were released. I love Anne Hathaway, she's just so likeable and I love James Franco a ridiculous amount!

In Love

Elle's Collections is going on sale tomorrow and the cover, as usual, is stunning. I love the covers they come up with and their really interesting and different to the monthly magazine. Elle have one of the best covers in the magazine industry! what do you think of the cover?


I don't really have much patience with people like Lindsay Lohan, everyone blames her meltdown on her parents and the media etc. but she's old enough to know what she's doing. I fell in love with Lindsay when she did Freaky Friday and she had some cool style but it all went downhill. I hope for her own sake she makes a comeback. She's looking happy and healthy and can't wait to see some modelling/films. I think Lindsay has got one of my most interesting faces in Hollywood and her natural red hair is beautiful but I love the changes she's made over the years. The pictures I've chosen show Lindsay in lots of different looks. Black hair, Brown Hair, Blonde Hair and Red Hair, I'm not sure which is my favourite look. 

Gimme More

I remember watching Diana Vickers on X Factor and thinking she was a tad annoying, I think it was all the hand movements. She has released an album which I havent listened to but something that stands out, and always stood out on X factor, was Diana's style. I like her style, especially her hair. She reminds me a little of Marina Diamandis, I just think she needs some more exposure. If she continues to grow as an artist and gain popularity, she could maybe do a collaboration with Topshop. I think she is Topshop's target customer. What do you think of Diana's style?

Too Young

Heath Ledger passed away 3 years ago today. So sad as he was such a talented actor and leaves behind his beautiful daughter Matilda.
Absolutely loved him in 'Ten Things I Hate About You' one of my favourite films!

Heath Andrew Ledger 4 April 1979-January 22 2008

Lyric Me Lyric Me Lyric Me Lyric Me

Calling all readers! Can you please check out my new t-shirt company Lyric Me! We haven't begun selling t-shirts yet but I'd love for you guys to be part of our blog and Facebook page and get involved! We're asking people to send us their favourite lyrics and an image that represents that image! Send them to or comment the blog or Facebook page! We really need to get a following! 


Our lecturer showed us this video today. Tom Ford allowed only one photographer in his spring summer 2011 collection (Terry Richardson) and only released this video before his clothes went on sale, as he didn't want any media coverage of his show and have high street retailers rip off his designs (genius) It's kind of bitter sweet because of course I want a part of high fashion but at high street prices but it's insulting for the designers to get their designs blatantly ripped off. Enjoy the show, watch out for the famous faces!


Very exited for Dita Von Teese's DIY beauty book to be released! Dita obviously has a very distinct look and I love how she sticks to the same look! I change form day to day and can never stick to one theme! The book should be good as Dita does her own hair and make up so she actually knows whats she's talking about!