First of the September Issues

So today Elle landed on my doorstep and I was so exited because it was the September Issue. When i finally got the wrapper off I was really disappointed with the cover. I subscribe and so I get the collector's edition and they have different covers. They decided to use Emily Blunt on the cover, not sure exactly why but i like her look and style and just glad they didn't pick someone like Jennifer Aniston. On my cover her face just looks awkward but then i found the one that goes on sale in the shops and i love it! I love that Elle uses body shots and i think she looks gorgeous with all the lace! I'm excited to see what Vogue and Harper's Bazaar come up with!

I couldn't find a picture of the subscription cover online so I've just posted the newsstand one!

image from cocoperez

p.s checkout the behind the cover video on they're always interesting plus the music is by Darwin Deez who are an exiting new band and their album is really good!


I think Rolling Stone do the best covers in the business. I recently bought their book 1,000 Covers Rolling Stone and it was the best tenner I've ever spent! I love it! it's filled with some really high quality images and interesting facts. The Magazine started in 1967 and is mostly focused on pop culture featuring everyone from pop singers, actors to politicians or as rolling stone describe everyone 'who have helped shape our era.'
I've never been one to fancy Leonardo DiCaprio but I think he looks great here, i love the side profile and colours used. I actually quite like the beard on him aswel, it gives him a different look from his usual 'pretty boy' look.

Here are a few of my all time favourite Rolling Stone covers

Rolling Stone Issue 716 Alicia Silverstone September 7th 1995 Photograph by Peggy Sirota

Rolling Stone Issue 591 Bruce Springsteen November 15th 1990 Photograph by Annie Leibovitz

Rolling Stone Issue 696 Courtney Love December 15th 1994 Photograph by Mark Seliger

Could you walk a mile in heels?

Supermodel Helena Christensen is hosting what she's hopping will be the longest catwalk in the world, one mile long! On August the 14th the catwalk will take place in Denmark as park of Copenhagen Fashion Week. 220 models will take part wearing clothes from over 500 Scandinavian designers. If everything goes well, this will go in the Guinness Book of Records for the world's longest catwalk.

California Gurl

I'm not a huge fan of girl 'Pop' Stars. Their manufactured and boring and like Britney, destined for a meltdown. I like female musicians like Marina and the Diamonds and Florence and the Machine, but two pop stars i absolutely love are Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Lady gaga for obvious reasons that she writes all her own material and I just love that she's daring to be different to typical stereotypes. I cannot resist Katy Perry, she's absolutely stunning, she's marrying Russell Brand and i can't stop singing along to all her songs. I think she's got this really cool Gothic style with the black hair, blunt fringe and amazing eyebrows. She has just released some great new photos for her new song 'Teenage Dreams' and I love the bright colours and her purple hair. The colours work really well against her milky white skin and they're really different to her usual style.

images from mail online

The Row's new Sunglass Collection by Linda Farrow

I love Mary-Kate and Ashley's style, i find they put looks together well and have a great eye for good design. Their brand 'The Row' has some great pieces and they have just launched some new sunglasses designed by Linda Farrow. The shades have quite a retro feel and are far cry from the 2006 bug style that they were constantly seen wearing. The glasses are $325 each and you can only currently get them from Barney's in New York.I love the John Lennon style pink shades but don't think i'll be getting them in pink. i've been looking for a pair of John Lennon styles for ages to try and break out of my habit of constantly wearing classic ray bans. Someone who i though't gets away with wearing this style is Taylor Momsen. Now I'm saying this through gritted teeth, because i really can't stand the girl. I find her too try-hard and she seems to be forcing herself on to everyone proving she listens to rock music. Anyway I think she looks great here and really need to find an affordable pair!

But I think THE sunglass shape and style of the year are these amazing Alexander Wang winged glasses. Lady Gaga has been wearing these for ages and I think they look retro but have a real modern and fresh feel to them and will be around for quite some time! Now I'm just waiting for Topshop to do a great version of it that i could pull off!

images from Radio 1, The Row,

I'm never been a huge fan of colour...

but how amazing are these colours on this cover? They flow so beautifully together! I've wanted to get my hands on this Elle Collections Autumn/Winter 2010 for ages now and finally found it today. I always look forward to the collection issue as I think Elle edit it so well plus I'm a bit OCD about my magazines and keep everything and i thing these collection magazines are an easy reminder of what was going on at that particular time!Not only is the magazine filled with all the collections but filled with lots of interviews with designers and different styles of artwork.

Angelina's Week

Angelina has really shined this week, gone are the rumours of her and brad splitting and out comes a fresh faced happy Angelina with some killer outfits. She hasn't looked this great in a while!
Her appearance at this week's Comic-Con in San Diego really sealed the deal that sexy Angelina is back. Not even Scarlett Johansson's new hair could out shine Angelina. I like Scarlet's hair shorter but i think her usual groomed long locks suits her better.

Dreaming of a white bedroom

One of the most exiting things about moving into my new student house in August is that i can decorate it how i want. Ok i cant exactly paint the walls whatever colour i want but my room is quite plain that i can do a little more of it than my old student accommodation. The house is fine for student living but my dad basically called it a shithole. What i really want is an all white room, white walls, white bed and white floor. The only problem is that the carpet is a bit pink plus there wont be much light as I've got a velux window, yes that's right I'm on the third floor basically in the attic. A bit gutted that all my housemates have big windows that will let a lot of natural light in. To get one step closer to my dream of an all white bedroom I got some white bedsheets and at least the walls are white! I got a really nice white whicker chair that i think would look nice! Here are some items I'd love to get for room! I'll post some pictures soon of my new room :)

Now there's a cover!

So many magazines have disappointed me with their covers, especially Vogue. They used to do some really interesting covers but lately all they've been doing is averagely pretty close-ups of faces! Well Vogue Turkey have really pulled it out of the bag this time by using Victoria Beckham. I love Victoria and think her collection isn't just a celebrity collection, it's a designers collection. There's nothing i hate more than a celebrity putting their name to a Fashion line they've 'designed' when they clearly haven't, but you can tell Victoria puts her soul into her collection. Plus she's really funny, remember when she let Ali G interview her? Anyway i think the cover is amazing and the whole spread. She's got her extensions back in, which will take us back to the dreadful WAG era. I really liked her hair when she had the shaggy bob but i think she could get away with some subtle hair extensions.

Ohhh Chanel

Who could forget Audrey Tautou's portrayal of Coco Chanel in 2009's 'Coco before Chanel' There hadn't been that much excitement over a fashion film since 'The devil wears Prada' Not even a year later, there's a new Chanel film in town. It's starring Anna Mouglalis and concentrates on Chanel's relationship with Igor Stravinsky. The film hits cinemas nationwide on August 6th. Chanel was known to lie about her past and not everything that is said about her is true. From this I think that there will be many Chanel Films to come over the next few years, showing everyones different interpretation of her life. Seeing as there are isn't much buzz about the Fashion in the new film i'll put a few pictures up from 'Coco before Chanel' that will remind everyone how much fabulous fashion there was in that film.

images taken from

First Post

Ok so here goes my attempt at writing a blog, I've wanted to start one for ages! I feel a bit like Carrie Bradshaw right now typing away on my mac thinking about what to write. I'll start with something simple. Marina and the Diamonds is one of the UK's top new female artists, she comes along with the new generation of powerful female stars, think Florence and the Machine, Little Boots etc. Forget Cheryl Cole, this girl is gorgeous, amazing hair, she can actually sing and has great fashion sense. I thought I'd post this interview and photo shoot she did with Edge Magazine, she looks great. Her album is out now and you should check her out as she's touring from October and will be at loads of different festivals this summer!

image taken from Edge Magazine