(i know many of you have seen these photos a million times, but I had to post it. Miss Catherine Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day today. The Alexander McQueen dress looked like it had been inspired by Grace Kelly's wedding dress. I expect there will be a huge rise in lace dresses in the next few weeks. I am so happy she chose Sarah Burton from the house of McQueen and I think she looked beautiful. Long Live McQueen)

(i love the typography on this cover, gorgeous)

(Elle Macpherson looking every inch like Farrah Fawcett)

(doing some research for the best advertising campaigns ever. here's one of them.anna nicole smith for Guess)

(one of my favourite blogs purse 'n boots just posted these images of a shoot with oracle fox, another favourite blog of mine. i LOVE LOVE theme images and the concept of a laundrette)

(capturing a moment)

(I have an insane girl crush on this lady. I have her new album on constant repeat)

(I guess this is what people mean when they say 'think how your tattoo will look like when your older' but i bet she still loves her tattoo)

(nicole richie for THAT magazine)

(Alexa Chung looking unusual bright with the red lipstick/trousers and a dash of blue in the top. Love this look)
(For the reopening of the Playboy Club in London, Marchesa have designed a new couture playboy bunny outfit which will be auctioned off for charity. Gorgeous. Can't wait to see the real thing)

(Dior. Be iconic)

(Some of my favourite styles from this weekends Coachella Festival in California. Typical, effortless festival style)

(a book celebrating Linda McCartney's photography as been released. I love this image of Paul McCartney)

(How gorgeous do Reese Witherspoon and Rob Pattinson look here? They were promoting their new film Water For Elephants, which looks really good. I feel really sorry for Rob that he will always be stereotyped as 'Edward from Twilight')

(I'm really into plaiting my hair at the moment. My hair is quite long now so I can do a lot with it. I learned yesterday how to do a fishtail plait which is something I've been trying to do for ages! It's really easy!)

(SWOON <3 Penn Badgley Coachella 2011)

(Nicole Richie looking an absolute babe at the Mulberry party at Coachella)

(Major Coachella festival envy right now. Will share my favourite outfit pics as soon as the festival ends! but for now Miss Katy Perry living it up in a gorgeous red gingham dress. Btw did you guys watch Piers  Morgan Life Stories...Russel Brand? It was really interesting and by the end of it i kind of fancied him! Never saw the appeal before but now he's a little more groomed I can see what Katy sees in him)

(enjoy the sun, and listen to this)

(I have some serious style envy of Miss Kate Bosworth. What a babe. And yes I did notice that in every picture she's wearing denim)