The queen of Glee has obviously been Lea Michele who shone as Rachel Berry but there might very well be a new queen of Glee from these pictures! Dianna Ogron, who plays Quinn Fabray in the hit show, looks amazing in these pictures! It was shot for Vanity Fair and the styling, hair and make-up is spot on!

And another stunning photo shoot, from Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts. I am so glad she's finally comfortable with her looks and ditched the fake tan! She's the real style star of Girls Aloud. Cheryl Cole is another clone and her style is down to her stylist, not her. I might post up soon on the reasons I hate Cheryl Cole and her style.

"The intern's tale"

My parents get The Daily Telegraph delivered to the door every day, the fashion section is really good with Hillary Alexander doing most of the articles. She's great and was on Britain's Next Top Model way back in the day when it first started. I always find her articles really interesting as she talks about the way economy has an effect on the industry and general things like that rather than the superficial things the fashion world is known for. In the Saturday supplement, Mary Portas reviews shops, things from Iceland to Louis Vuitton. It's a great read. On Sunday's they have Stella magazine which is a short fashion magazine. This week they interviewed Fearne Cotton, who looks gorgeous on the cover, and interviewed Interns. The sub-title reads
"Internships- useful work experience or an expensive waste of time?"
intrigued me straight away as I have been debating on whether or not to do an Intern year after my second year. This would probably mean moving to London and working for, free. It's a big decision to make and I have to make it soon and apply for places. Moving to a completely new place where I literally know no one, working long hard hours for no money. The interview shows people's different opinions on their internship and mostly have positive experiences and it's worth it. Maybe if I go I'll get a dream internship with Vogue and get filmed like Lauren Conrad from The Hills! Ha!

You can read the full article here


I knew I'd Miss Something Important!

Ok so it's not massive but over the weekend Nicole Richie posted a picture up of a newer blonder cropped 'do. First I was gutted because I loved her long brown hair with the bangs, that's the look I'm going for now but then it reminded me of when Nicole really got on the style radar with that amazing short hair in the Zoebot days, yes she was thin but amazing hair! This time I think she'll get it spot on with her healthier weight!

And here's just a picture to remind myself why i want long hair and long sleeves. damn she can get away with any hair style!

I'm Back!

What an amazing and muddy weekend! Reading is never usually muddy so everyone was a bit surprised when there were bogs everywhere! I had such a good time and saw some AMAZING bands! I saw some good style around too, but there were a lot of girl posers, thats what I like to call them, who just dressed exactly the same as everyone else and didn't even watch any bands. Why would you pay £200 to just walk around posing in your jack wills hoodie? But some girls definitely had their own sense of style going on! Annoyingly I didn't have my camera so I was gutted that I didn't capture any festival fashion snaps and the day I took my camera there was literally nothing! But there we go..

So just a short post today and I will be back to normal tomorrow hopefully, I have a few days to catch up on! General news and mainly fashion! For all I know something like tu-tus could be back in fashion!
My new favourite fashion item is Dr Martens! I got a pair back in June for my birthday but haven't had time to wear them properly but with autumn coming up I'm really exited! I've wanted a pair for ages so I was chuffed when I got them! Now the confidence to wear them because the last time I wore them my friends asked me why I was wearing lesbian boots…. honestly I think I need new friends now. After seeing girls wearing them so well in Reading and these pics I'm going to get them out and wear them with pride!

P.s I can't stand Agyness Deyn so no I won't be taking dr.martens style inspirations from her!

I'll be wearing my Black Worn 1460's with come black skinny jeans and some dark red lipstick!

One last thing before I go

Abbey Clancey is Gorgeous.
Felt a bit guilty for leaving for a few days without posting a fashion post so just a nice video for you to enjoy!

Taken from Love Magzine online as part of their new issue

Off To Reading I Go!

Tomorrow I'm off to Reading Festival so I won't be posting until Monday so I thought I'd post a little something of what I'm going to experience in the next few days! As for festival chic? I'm sorry but I am literally wearing my wellies because I don't want mud between toes, not as a fashion statement. I'll just be wearing some denim shorts and tights as they're comfy to wear and lots and lots of layers, it get's cold! I'll probably cover up with a leather jacket and hood and some comfy scarves! For once during the year it doesn't matter about the fashion, it's about the music so I won't be too bothered about what I look like!

Not really festival chic is it?

Here are a few pictures of a few bands I'll hopefully be seeing this weekend!

Guns N Roses

Dizze Rascal

Blink 182

Biffy Clyro

Arcade Fire


Marina and the Diamonds

You can check out the full line-up here http://www.readingfestival.com/lineup/

Today's find

Flicking through today's Grazia I noticed on the top ten most wanted this gorgeous gold bird necklace. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was only £14, so i logged on to the website
and some other gorgeous jewellery. My favourite is the bird jewellery, I've been looking for a swallow necklace for ageeees, and this amazing feather necklace. I wear a gold heart necklace everyday so I'd like something to go with it, but I've been wearing more silver jewellery lately so I'm on the fence on whether to get the feather in gold or silver. They're both £14 each and I am desperate to get my hands on them!

Those damn WAG'S!

Not quite a pair of UGG's, but you get my drift!

So yesterday I was just popping out for 20mins to pick something up from my friends house, it had been pouring down with rain all day so it was soaking outside. My flat pumps were drying from the day before and I didn't have another option apart from my UGG boots. I hadn't touched them in a good year and I remembered why I had fallen out of love with them. Thanks to the Chav's and WAG's of the world the look was ruined. If I was going to wear them i might as well put on a tracksuit and carry the famous Liverpool 'cricket' bag. Not only did they ruin the UGG but also the Burberry pattern, cheers for that! I didn't have a choice so I teamed them with a light pair of skinny jeans, simple t-shirt and my bat wing cardigan. By the time I had gotten home I was completely back in love with UGG's, I'd forgotten how comfy they were, how easy they were to wear. I used to wear mine constantly so they were a bit battered. So naturally when i got home i researched some pictures and found some old school sienna and kate moss, when they started the whole frenzy. From these pictures I've decided that it's ok for me to wear my UGG's, not all the time of course, I don't want to get to comfortable in an UGG rut. If Burberry can come back form the ashes as a chic brand once again, well so can the errm UGG? I'm not saying they're a fashion statement, but would be nice to wear it from time to time! Anyone with me?

Everything Will Be Allright, Allright

Feeling a bit bleh today and this song came on shuffle and cheered me up instantly!

Jimmy Eat World- The Middle

"Just try your best,
Try everything you can.
And don't you worry what they tell themselves
When you're away."

To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo

I've been thinking about having a tattoo now for a good few years, I'm kind of obsessed with them and even did a project on one for Uni but there's always something holding me back, whether it's my mother telling me how it's going to look awful when I'm a sweet old lady in a nursing home or when I'm walking down the street and I see a woman in her mid-forties with basically a blob on her arm or the words DARREN sprawled across her chest and she looks, well, awful! Then I think tattoo's are generally more accepted these days plus the skill in doing them is 100% better than it used to be so hopefully it wouldn't end up just looking like a blob. My favourite kind of tattoo's are discreet lettering/lyrics and bird tattoo's. Im kind of obsessed with swallows and would love a little black and grey one somewhere discreetly. One of my idols is Kat Von D who is absolutely covered head to toe in tattoos, i don't think I'd go down that root but that made me think of other famous women and who of them had tattoos. Sienna Miller has about 4 (including a swallow which I love, the design is perfect but I wouldn't want to copy with the placement and be a freaky fan) and Nicole Richie has nearly 20, which you'd never know about! Megan fox has a fair few but slightly more obvious. Then theres Angelina Jolie who has countless ones and she's just amazing, she can really get away with tattoo's everywhere without looking like a trucker! Another is Fearne Cotton, she has loads and they really suit her.

One of my favourite tattoo blogs is this one it's full of gorgeous pictures of tattoos and completely my style!


I think i just need to either go for it or forget about it completely!

Nicole Richie

Megan Fox

Angelina Jolie

Sienna Miller

Must Have

Every sunday I think I'll do a post on something I really really really want to own. The first thing is something I've been lusting over for over a year and I am so desperate for one! A Mulberry Bayswater in Black. Mmmmmm the bag is so gorgeous with soft butter leather and suede interior. Every time I go into John Lewis I always run up to the bag and basically walk around the shop pretending I own it, which I realise is very sad of me ha. The other option is the Daria Hobo bag also in Black. This one is also gorgeous and would fit in all the essentials, but if I had the choice ( doubt that's happening any time soon) I'd choose the Bayswater! Yum Yum.

On a side not I'm currently making a list of all the items of clothing I want/need. It's time to get rid of my clothes I think! just stuff I don't wear and start afresh with my wardrobe! I have some really old stuff in there! Can anybody suggest somewhere I could swap my clothes for money or for other clothes? Not sure if I want to go down the whole ebay root! I can't wait to just start from the start!

Busy Bee

Very sorry for the lack of posts this week! I was in my new student house this week and there wasn't any internet and I was very busy unpacking! So just a quick post not and then I'll be back in the swing of things tomorrow!

I am craving so badly a dark lipstick! I think it would go really well with my dark hair and eyes! I think i found the perfect shade in Chanel's Rogue Noir. Yum Yum. I found these pictures on the net so I'm not sure who they belong to but they pretty much summed up perfectly what I'm looking for. I also just purchased some gorgeous pair of black velvet wedges and these would look awesome with the dark lip and black dress!

so apologies once more for the lack of posting but I will be back to normal this weekend! Plus I will start posting up my daily outfits soon! how exiting!