I'm Back!

What an amazing and muddy weekend! Reading is never usually muddy so everyone was a bit surprised when there were bogs everywhere! I had such a good time and saw some AMAZING bands! I saw some good style around too, but there were a lot of girl posers, thats what I like to call them, who just dressed exactly the same as everyone else and didn't even watch any bands. Why would you pay £200 to just walk around posing in your jack wills hoodie? But some girls definitely had their own sense of style going on! Annoyingly I didn't have my camera so I was gutted that I didn't capture any festival fashion snaps and the day I took my camera there was literally nothing! But there we go..

So just a short post today and I will be back to normal tomorrow hopefully, I have a few days to catch up on! General news and mainly fashion! For all I know something like tu-tus could be back in fashion!
My new favourite fashion item is Dr Martens! I got a pair back in June for my birthday but haven't had time to wear them properly but with autumn coming up I'm really exited! I've wanted a pair for ages so I was chuffed when I got them! Now the confidence to wear them because the last time I wore them my friends asked me why I was wearing lesbian boots…. honestly I think I need new friends now. After seeing girls wearing them so well in Reading and these pics I'm going to get them out and wear them with pride!

P.s I can't stand Agyness Deyn so no I won't be taking dr.martens style inspirations from her!

I'll be wearing my Black Worn 1460's with come black skinny jeans and some dark red lipstick!

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Waveney said...

Oooo. I've really been trying to stop myself wanting some DMs, they remind me of an old slightly mad friend from 10 years ago. But your photos here have convinced me! I think they are now on my want list!