"The intern's tale"

My parents get The Daily Telegraph delivered to the door every day, the fashion section is really good with Hillary Alexander doing most of the articles. She's great and was on Britain's Next Top Model way back in the day when it first started. I always find her articles really interesting as she talks about the way economy has an effect on the industry and general things like that rather than the superficial things the fashion world is known for. In the Saturday supplement, Mary Portas reviews shops, things from Iceland to Louis Vuitton. It's a great read. On Sunday's they have Stella magazine which is a short fashion magazine. This week they interviewed Fearne Cotton, who looks gorgeous on the cover, and interviewed Interns. The sub-title reads
"Internships- useful work experience or an expensive waste of time?"
intrigued me straight away as I have been debating on whether or not to do an Intern year after my second year. This would probably mean moving to London and working for, free. It's a big decision to make and I have to make it soon and apply for places. Moving to a completely new place where I literally know no one, working long hard hours for no money. The interview shows people's different opinions on their internship and mostly have positive experiences and it's worth it. Maybe if I go I'll get a dream internship with Vogue and get filmed like Lauren Conrad from The Hills! Ha!

You can read the full article here


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