Those damn WAG'S!

Not quite a pair of UGG's, but you get my drift!

So yesterday I was just popping out for 20mins to pick something up from my friends house, it had been pouring down with rain all day so it was soaking outside. My flat pumps were drying from the day before and I didn't have another option apart from my UGG boots. I hadn't touched them in a good year and I remembered why I had fallen out of love with them. Thanks to the Chav's and WAG's of the world the look was ruined. If I was going to wear them i might as well put on a tracksuit and carry the famous Liverpool 'cricket' bag. Not only did they ruin the UGG but also the Burberry pattern, cheers for that! I didn't have a choice so I teamed them with a light pair of skinny jeans, simple t-shirt and my bat wing cardigan. By the time I had gotten home I was completely back in love with UGG's, I'd forgotten how comfy they were, how easy they were to wear. I used to wear mine constantly so they were a bit battered. So naturally when i got home i researched some pictures and found some old school sienna and kate moss, when they started the whole frenzy. From these pictures I've decided that it's ok for me to wear my UGG's, not all the time of course, I don't want to get to comfortable in an UGG rut. If Burberry can come back form the ashes as a chic brand once again, well so can the errm UGG? I'm not saying they're a fashion statement, but would be nice to wear it from time to time! Anyone with me?

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