Can I Remind Everyone?

So today I settled into watching The O.C from the start! Yes I am determined to watch them all from the very beginning. I am that programmes biggest fan and as I told my friend I was going to watch them she said "Oh no you know that's a downward spiral" true maybe, because every time I watch it I always get a little obsessed all over again and get angry when things don't happen my way. Honestly I don't think I've ever gotten so upset about something than I did when Seth and Summer broke up. Even though I know their together by the end, breaks my heart every time. Ha I have to remember that it's only a TV programme! Anyway this post does have some fashion relevance. I would like to remind everyone of an old important fashion figure Mischa Barton. Watching old episodes reminds me of how fashionable she was, maybe it was her character Marissa Cooper but somehow she's lost her fashion flare. Yes Rachel Bilson was the fashion star to emerge from the O.C but let's not forget how much we loved Mischa! So here are some pictures to remind everyone

'Welcome to the O.C bitch!'

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