Perfect Opportunity

So you might remember before I had a tiny rant about Cheryl Cole and I said I'd do a post on why I don't like here. So up came the perfect opportunity when I found that Cheryl will be on the cover of October's Vogue.

So here are the reasons
why I don't like
Cheryl Cole.

1) She is constantly photographed
literally walking around all day being glamorous.

2) She is given credit for her style, when blatantly she has a stylist. Here are some pictures of the old Cheryl. I know people can change, but you can take the girl out of Newcastle, but you can't…

3) She gets payed a ridiculous amount of money for doing nothing, she's basically on benefits yet she's Britain's sweetheart?(All of a sudden having perfect hair makes everyone forget that she beat up a toilet assistant)

4) Yes being being cheated on by your husband is awful and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but women deal with these things everyday and she shouldn't be treated like a saint because she didn't kick up a fuss and slash his tires, millions of women go through this each year.

5) She's the symbol of what Britain has come, lazy and seeking fame. I don't think she's a very good role model for youngsters today!

So there you have it! anyway back to the Vogue cover. I hated the old cover she did but the new one, Love it! Yes Miss Cole I love it! The cover is so fresh, maybe more suited for spring?, and her hair looks great tied back. I think it's a great cover and I'm sure she'll have a lot of interesting things to share as she'll be discussing her recent Divorce. Credit when credit's due!

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Sonia said...

She looks great in the new cover!