Frosty Words

So the book on everyones mind today is Tony Blairs, but the book i am exited to read is Sadie Frost's autobiography "crazy days" Now I realise that sentence might have made me sound a little selfish and not care about anything but superficial things, but nothing Tony Blair says will make up for the fact that the country is a bit messed up, so I'd much rather hear how Sadie Frost messed her own life up and then got it back together. She's one of those fascinating people that I want to know everything about, but then when I was thinking what does Sadie Frost actually do, I didn't know. I knew she had something to do with the brand Frost French and was married to Jude Law. Apparently she's an actress as well but mostly she's known for being part of the 'Primrose Hill Set' which was a group of young british people who were famous in the mid 90's for basically nothing. Some of the gang were Kate Moss, Sadie and Jude, Rhys Ifans, Davinia Taylor and more. The Book is about her childhood, her divorces, self harming and basically everything thats happened in her life. Its out now and a great last read before summer comes to an end!

Sadie with some of her Primrose Hill Set members, Kate Moss and Jemima French

Sadie with her then husband and father of her three children Rafferty, Iris and Rudy

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