Yesterday I was full of inspiration and couldn't wait to to my next posts and today, nothing. My mind has gone blank, but I did have a quick read of the paper and fo
und and interesting article on John Lewis. Now I absolutely ADORE John Lewis. They recently opened up a new store in Cardiff which is the second biggest one yet, after the London Flagship. The article was debating whether John Lewis should be a fashion forward store, this came after John Lewis announced that 6 new young designers were added to the fashion range. The woman who wrote the article basically said creating into a young fashionable place would spoil it. She said John Lewis made her happy and that when your in
there nothing else matters, because your in John Lewis. I couldn't agree more because I actually think it's one of my happier place. The Staff couldn't be friendlier and everything is just so clean and sophisticated. But I do think there's room for a young fashionable section. They have great older brands and do have some good younger ones like Ted Baker, Reiss, Oasis and a personal favourite of mine Ralph Lauren, but I never find myself buying any of the clothes. I look around, I go to the shoe and bags section whic
h is amazing, run to find my Mulberry Bayswater, and then straight to the Make Up counter which just is amazing. They have Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, Bobbie Brown, Chanel, Benefit and loads more. I always find myself stuck in between Bobbie Brown and Chanel crying in the middle of the shop clutching what I can hold and screaming "WHY CAN'T I HAVE IT ALLLL!"
The thing about John Lewis that it's almost like a day out, I go there with my family, I lust over the make-up, my dad's busy trying on a Barbour jackets, my mother's buying some Jaeger stuff and my brothers testing out the technology. If only there was somewhere to put my dog! I think there is room for some younger brands and to mak
e John Lewis a serious competitor for fashion in the high street, I'm not saying make it into the new Topshop but lets think about everyone. Give me somewhere I can shop along with my grandmother! I'm sad that last year I use to live opposite John Lewis and this year I'll be living about ten minutes away! I'll miss seeing you everyday John!

And another thing, the woman who wrote the article kept referring that John Lewis was all about england and the affect it has on english women. John Lewis is a British brand that celebrates British values and the British High Street not English. There are stores in Scotland and Wales not just England.

P.S There was this amazing 3 part documentary on John Lewis called Inside John Lewis a while ago on the BBC but I'm sure it will be repeated soon so you should check it out. It was amazing.

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