Happy Birthday Kim

Today is Kim Kardashian's 30th Birthday. Your probably wondering why I'm talking about Kim in a fashion blog as she's not really innovative with her style and is not really considered a style icon. I think you either love the Kardashian family or hate them. They are the perfect example of people being famous for, well, nothing. I'm not a huge fan of this whole celebrity culture were people are famous for nothing but you have to admit Kim and her family are clever business people. They are rolling in their money and have managed to create a brand of themselves. They can put their name to anything and sell it. Whether that's a good or a bad thing is up to you to decide but people are obviously buying into it.Personally, I can't help but love them. The whole family. I love watching their programme 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' I find it really interesting to watch. So Happy Birthday Kim, or as you'd say "Happy Birthday Doll"

Many many pictures of Kim, no one can deny that she is gorgeous! She is obviously a good lingerie/bikini model but I really love the fashion shots of her! especially the ones of her and her ex boyfriend Reggie Bush.

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Jenna said...

Let's just say it like it is. Anyone who can manage to make millions of dollars a year for doing next-to-nothing in Hollywood: that's talent.

My hats off to those Kardashians.