Treat Me Like Your Mother

I have a new little style crush. Alison Mosshart from 'The Kills' has quite a simple style but I think she pulls it off effortlessly! She sums up the word 'cool' and has this amazing attitude of not caring but not a try hard like a certain someone (Taylor Momsen) I found some really amazing photos of her, mostly of her performing and with her bandmate Jamie Hince (Kate Moss's man) And seeing as it's Friday I think I'll use Alison Mosshart as Friday's song, not from her band 'The Kills' but her band 'The Dead Weather' which is a supergroup consisting of Jack White (The White Stripes) Dean Fertita (Queens of The Stone Age) and Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs) The song is called 'Treat Me Like Your Mother' and the video is amazing. It perfectly shows off Alison Mosshart's attitude plus Jack White looks quite hot!

She looks a tiny bit like Helena Christensen yes? These pictures makes me want to have a leopard print cardigan even more now!

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