I have a huge fascination with the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles. It's a symbol for dreaming big and aiming high. Now I know Hollywood is quite a fickle place but the sign represents the film industry. There's nothing better than watching a film and escaping into that world, almost like a fantasy. The sign reminds us that this whole Hollywood world is a fantasy, almost like a film.

They were threatening to take down the Hollywood Sign in April this year but Hugh Hefner stepped in and payed for it to be kept. This whole Hollywood sign rescue subject got me thinking about playboy and the playboy mansion. Hugh Hefner is apparently facing threats that he'll have to sell his playboy mansion. I don't know about you but I kind of have soft spot for Playboy. It was slightly ruined by British chavs who were plastered in make up and just an awful representation of a young woman today ( think Katie Price ) but the real playboy woman is sexy but in an understated way. It's about celebrating the woman. They never have any nude photographs on the cover. It was done in quite a tasteful way and you'd be surprised who's actually done playboy! (Debbie Harry a.k.a Blondie was a playboy bunny) so I've chosen a selection of Playboy covers and I'll let you make your own mind about Playboy. I think it's every woman's choice to be as sexually provocative as they want to be and they should not be judged.

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