Only Girl In The World Part Deux

I am in love with Rihanna's Album Artwork for her new album, I think because it's very similar to her video for Only Girl (in the world) which is such a good video/song! I love seeing where people get their inspirations from and seeing how people perceive and develop their ideas! The inspiration from the video has come from Tim Walker's photography. You can see the influence with the use of bright colours and the balloons with the water and the suspended garments. Tim Walker is one of my favourite photographers. I've only recently really got into his work, he uses a lot of colour which I've never been a fan of. You should have a look at his work here! Here are some of the original photographs that have been used for inspiration in the video.

Here are some video stills from the video (their not the best of quality, this was the best I could do)

This video makes me want to have bright red hair so badly! Do you see the inspiration? And of course to see it even more here's the video

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