Perfume Overload

What I love about London is visiting the department stores that you dont get anywhere else, like Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Liberty. I went for the day to London recently and was lucky to see all the christmas windows, nothing beats the christmas window displays! They were all amazing I have to say my favourites were Liberty and Selfridges but one window caught my eye in Harrods. The Chanel perfume window display.

The window is a giant Classic Chanel No5 bottle with giant Chanel boxes. I really love this display.

mmmmmm mulberry bag!

Sorry for the reflection in the windows, you really have to see the window in person to get the full affect.

the window display run with the ad campaigns they have in magazines right now. the sequined Chanel bottle is recreated life size in the window

These windows made me think of perfume bottles and packaging. I only buy Chanel perfume as I'm a little obsessive and love the bottles ( and obviously the smell) they decorate my dressing table well. Then I was thinking of what other bottles I like because of their packaging and bottle design. Stuff like this can really smell the perfume as you see the product first and then smell it.

I love these Miss Dior Cherie ad's, I love the use of pink (i usually hate pink) with the flowers and how girly they are. It's very feminine and I love that they use Paris as a backdrop. The tv advert is really good aswel.

love love love love love this advert

This Marc Jacobs 'Lola' fragrance is really feminine with the flower design but it's toughened up with darker colours like purple, red and green. This bottle is a mini piece of art.

Naughty Alice is Vivienne Westwood's new fragrance, and what I think I love most about it is the illustration. I love her fiery red hair and the contrast against the gold and blue bottle.

What's your favourite perfume bottle? and your favourite smell?

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