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Last Sunday I went to a Vintage Fair in Cardiff. It was held in City Hall which is an amazing architectural building . The Fair was called 'Blind Lemon Vintage' which was created by Edwin Dyson. I was lucky enough to get a little Q&A with Edwin over the concept of Vintage and his fair.

How did you begin Blind Lemon Vintage?

It started life as a vintage clothing store in

Narberth in Pembrokeshire in 2005, we then started to develop the vintage fairs in 2006 in Bristol and Cardiff and then started to spread across the country. We then contracted slightly to work out of cities in the M4 and M5 corridors.

What is it about Vintage you think most appeals to the 2010 customer?

I think it's a combination of the value for money and the uniqueness of what's on offer. People want some bang for their buck and the vintage clothes were very well made. Plus high street fashion is very homogeneous and vintage can give you an on-trend look whilst you have what no-one else in the country is likely to have.

Do you think Vintage will get more 'in demand' as the years progress?

I think it will be like most trends in fashion; cyclical. It tends to peak and trough on a 3-4 year cycle. It won't ever go away but the older clothing will become more rare and expensive so people will be looking to the newer stuff like the 80s for value for money.

As a fashion student I'm only too aware of the effect that 'fast fashion' has on the economy and the environment, do you think Vintage or recycling is the way forward?

Vintage clothing is recycling, full stop. because you buy something that has already been owned and worn by at least one other person, you're not using more raw materials and causing transportation costs from overs seas by buying something from the high street. it's more ethical too.

What has been your favourite Vintage find?

For me personally it was a blue striped boating blazer that I found at the Cheltenham Vintage Fair this season. Normally the sizes are so small because they were made for teenagers and young men, and back in the day they were smaller than we men are today. It fits me perfectly and I'm a 40 Long!

The Fair was amazing, so many different items. From £100 Barbour Jackets to £10 skirts. I think I was most impressed by the jewellery section. So many different kinds of jewellery. What I love most about Vintage is knowing that no one else will have that item, Topshop is great but your guaranteed to find someone wearing that item of clothing and vintage will probably be half of the price!

I managed to get a long black fur coat which I've been on the hunt for, for ages, a leopard print cardigan which is so tacky that it's amazing (hopefully it will come across like that and not Bet Lynch) and a pewter horse shoe brooch. I love those House of Harlow Horse Shoe necklaces so I've been wanted to get something horse shoe related!

The next Blind Lemon Vintage Show at Cardiff will be held on the 6th February 2011 again at the City Hall. Don't Miss it!

You should also checkout their website here which has all their details!

P.S What has been your favourite Vintage find?

Sorry to come across all 'emo' in my photos, I was too embarrassed to ask anyone to take my picture, the first two were taken completely off guard as I was trying to fix my hair but these shots are better than the other self timer ones! Believe me! I will do more full length shots soon!

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Lady Lipstick said...

Hey girl!! It sounds like a wonderful time at a vintage fair!! I wish we had one close by I would def be attending! Wonderful interview as well!
My fav vintage find is actually one that I bought on Etsy and it was as sequins blouse with zebras on the front. I know it sounds weird but I swear it really was NEAT!!
Have a great day!


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