Times Like These

Today I finally managed to get everything in order for Christmas, Shopping done, cleaning done etc. so it was nice to finally sit down to read my magazines. I have subscribed to Elle for the last few years so I get the collector's covers, and it's issues like this one that make me glad I do. The collecter's is pretty much always better than the news stand version and I especially love this issue. Carey looks stunning. I haven't 100% fallen for Carey's charm yet as there's a good chance she'll burn out soon but her magazine editorials are always nice and I really liked it when she wore the Prada beach dress. Carey reminds me a little of Kirsten Dunst (I'm hoping Kirsten will make a comeback in 2011) This issue is getting me a little closer to the 100% mark so I hope she 'careys' on (apologies for the pun, how tragic of me!)

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