The Countdown Begins- Number 10

I am beginning a countdown of my ten favourite Madonna songs of all time! These are purely my opinion! I love Madonna, she's a massive icon and a true innovator!

In at number 10, it's Material Girl.
The video is based on Marilyn Monroe's 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' from the film 'Gentlemen prefer blondes'
It was released in January 1985 and comes off Madonna's second album 'like a virgin' 
(I can't believe how similar madonna in this video looks like Lourdes!)

What do you think of Material Girl being number 10?

"Living in a Material World
And I am a Material Girl
You know that we are living in a Material World
And I am a Material Girl!"


Hannah said...

Material Girl is one of my favourite Madonna songs (after Vogue). Love her back in her heyday! xx

Lola said...

I love Madonna, she's definitely an inspiration. Too many faves to pick but when I'm having boy trouble I have to blast out "express yourself" sucha great message!!

I really like your blog btw!! Sweet :) Now a follower!

minnja said...

I love it! So beautiful Madonna, back to the 80s!