Hollywood Infected Your Brain

When 'The Hills' first aired I thought "i love this programme it's so bad it's good" and Lauren's adventure into the fashion world was actually quite educational for someone interested in pursuing a career in fashion (especially working at a magazine, like I'd like to do) Then it just turned into this weird programme where suddenly these girls were covered in make-up, moving up the career ladder to easily and just damn right fake. But along with everyone else I carried on watching it, and loving it, and the bad press that also came a long with it. Then it struck me, do I blame them? If my every move was being followed on camera then yes I'd want to look perfect everyday, I'd shift that extra a weight and to be honest I would probably get a better job. The Teen Vogue offices where Lauren worked was obviously going to give her the better perks of the job because it would be aired on TV and show life in Teen Vogue, the same with People's Revolution (but I reckon Kelly Cutrone wouldn't mind firing Lauren if she did something wrong!) The same as everyone is criticising Lauren for bringing out her own fashion line, as it's just another celebrity line. I hate celebrity lines as much as the next person but what people seem to forget is that Lauren has a degree in fashion design and even if her clothes are shit, she has the same right and should have the same respect as other 'designers' who graduated from FIDM. Her criticism should be based on the design not the fact that she's a reality star. (same goes for Whitney)
I don't blame these girls for trying to make money from any product, no one would ever take them seriously in a 'normal' 9-5 job and at the end of the day their the ones laughing their way to the bank. I'm not saying that every girl should inspire to do this as their lives may be blessed in some ways but cursed in other. Women have the freedom to do what they want and who they want to be. Some want to have a successful career, some want to stay at home raising a family, some want both, and some want to have lives like these girls. At the end of the day they shouldn't be judged as ultimately we created the whole 'celebrity' scene and are continuing to fuel it!

I'd love to hear your guys thoughts and comments on this! 

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