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Series 5 of Skins began in the UK this week and to prepare for this I watched from the beginning as I've been doing my work. (By the way don't get me started on US version of Skins! Why did they remake it? The whole point of Skins its that it's 100% British and has no American connection) Now when I think of skins I think "poser, life isn't really like that, we're all more like the cast of Inbetweeners(if you haven't watched it, you must as it's just utterly brilliant) and it's far too far-fetched!" Then when I re-watched  first generation of Skins, I realised how brilliant it is. People can totally relate to it and it's a lot more gritty. They went too far with the second generation. I think it was Effy, she was beautiful but she knew it. They were all too good looking and they all had too many problems and things got dramatic (killing Freddie with a baseball bat?!?) I'll give the new series a chance but i doubt it will ever beat the first generation. If you haven't watched it, have a look on 4OD they have them all there! My favourite character was Cassie. She was just crazy. What did you all think of the Skins series?

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