I don't really have much patience with people like Lindsay Lohan, everyone blames her meltdown on her parents and the media etc. but she's old enough to know what she's doing. I fell in love with Lindsay when she did Freaky Friday and she had some cool style but it all went downhill. I hope for her own sake she makes a comeback. She's looking happy and healthy and can't wait to see some modelling/films. I think Lindsay has got one of my most interesting faces in Hollywood and her natural red hair is beautiful but I love the changes she's made over the years. The pictures I've chosen show Lindsay in lots of different looks. Black hair, Brown Hair, Blonde Hair and Red Hair, I'm not sure which is my favourite look. 

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Lola said...

I will always have hope for Li-Lo, she's like the Britney of Hollywood, loved her since parent trap! I can't believe that's her in the top pic, she looks soooo different!