Nothing Comes Between Me And My Calvins

Pop Star's JLS and Alexandra Burke released images from their upcoming clothing line today and included is an underwear line. The underwear line has an elasticated band that holds the brand name '2KX' which was first introduced by Emporia Armani. Although Armani was the original, I love the Calvin Klein underwear more, they've had some pretty impressive models including Kate Moss, Brooke Shields, Lara Stone and more recently Zoe Saldana. Armani is offering some competition though with hottie Megan Fox. I love the simple black and white images they create and JLS seem to have followed that. It would have been nice to see them try something a little different with their underwear (their JLS condoms were genius) but I'm sure plenty of people will buy it! iI had to include the Wonderbra ad 'Hello Boys' as it is my favourite underwear ad ever

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