Well it really has been a while. I haven't posted anything here in over a month and I wasn't really sure why until I realised that I didn't like the direction my blog was taking. So I've stripped everything down. The layout has completely changed and it is now a blank canvas. The images/videos/text I post will be the colour and life of the blog rather than being distracted by the images on the side bar. I have also changed the name of the blog. I was never really happy with the name Inc Fashion and it didn't mean anything. The new name is Looking Back which I am a lot happier with. I realised that I am mainly influenced by things from the past and I am more inspired looking back. That doesn't mean I am not inspired by present things because of course I am. I just think we're living in a era that recycles ideas. Looking Back is about sharing images/quotes/videos/music that inspires me everyday with the occasional opinion piece. I hope you enjoy the new journey that Looking Back is taking.

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