California Gurl

I'm not a huge fan of girl 'Pop' Stars. Their manufactured and boring and like Britney, destined for a meltdown. I like female musicians like Marina and the Diamonds and Florence and the Machine, but two pop stars i absolutely love are Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Lady gaga for obvious reasons that she writes all her own material and I just love that she's daring to be different to typical stereotypes. I cannot resist Katy Perry, she's absolutely stunning, she's marrying Russell Brand and i can't stop singing along to all her songs. I think she's got this really cool Gothic style with the black hair, blunt fringe and amazing eyebrows. She has just released some great new photos for her new song 'Teenage Dreams' and I love the bright colours and her purple hair. The colours work really well against her milky white skin and they're really different to her usual style.

images from mail online

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