The Row's new Sunglass Collection by Linda Farrow

I love Mary-Kate and Ashley's style, i find they put looks together well and have a great eye for good design. Their brand 'The Row' has some great pieces and they have just launched some new sunglasses designed by Linda Farrow. The shades have quite a retro feel and are far cry from the 2006 bug style that they were constantly seen wearing. The glasses are $325 each and you can only currently get them from Barney's in New York.I love the John Lennon style pink shades but don't think i'll be getting them in pink. i've been looking for a pair of John Lennon styles for ages to try and break out of my habit of constantly wearing classic ray bans. Someone who i though't gets away with wearing this style is Taylor Momsen. Now I'm saying this through gritted teeth, because i really can't stand the girl. I find her too try-hard and she seems to be forcing herself on to everyone proving she listens to rock music. Anyway I think she looks great here and really need to find an affordable pair!

But I think THE sunglass shape and style of the year are these amazing Alexander Wang winged glasses. Lady Gaga has been wearing these for ages and I think they look retro but have a real modern and fresh feel to them and will be around for quite some time! Now I'm just waiting for Topshop to do a great version of it that i could pull off!

images from Radio 1, The Row,


christen. said...

love the winged glasses!
so fierce! definitely makes a statement!

i'll follow you if you follow me? :D

xx, christen

Waveney said...

All that Wang touches turns to gold in my opinion. LOVE.

esion said...

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