First of the September Issues

So today Elle landed on my doorstep and I was so exited because it was the September Issue. When i finally got the wrapper off I was really disappointed with the cover. I subscribe and so I get the collector's edition and they have different covers. They decided to use Emily Blunt on the cover, not sure exactly why but i like her look and style and just glad they didn't pick someone like Jennifer Aniston. On my cover her face just looks awkward but then i found the one that goes on sale in the shops and i love it! I love that Elle uses body shots and i think she looks gorgeous with all the lace! I'm excited to see what Vogue and Harper's Bazaar come up with!

I couldn't find a picture of the subscription cover online so I've just posted the newsstand one!

image from cocoperez

p.s checkout the behind the cover video on they're always interesting plus the music is by Darwin Deez who are an exiting new band and their album is really good!


Phoebe Rose said...

Can't believe it's time for the September issues already! I love them!
I'm in the U.S at the moment so will have to wait to get my copies when I go back home :( I'm loving all the lace here. Elle UK always seem to knock out awesome covers!

Live Fashion said...

i always seem to prefer elle uk! yes! all the september issues! finally

thanks for the comment, by the way!

Charly said...

Agh I neeeed to get my Elle subscription, and totally agree with you this cover is gooorgeous. Love the lace, and its so unlike most other magazines that just have some smiley head shot as their cover,