I think Rolling Stone do the best covers in the business. I recently bought their book 1,000 Covers Rolling Stone and it was the best tenner I've ever spent! I love it! it's filled with some really high quality images and interesting facts. The Magazine started in 1967 and is mostly focused on pop culture featuring everyone from pop singers, actors to politicians or as rolling stone describe everyone 'who have helped shape our era.'
I've never been one to fancy Leonardo DiCaprio but I think he looks great here, i love the side profile and colours used. I actually quite like the beard on him aswel, it gives him a different look from his usual 'pretty boy' look.

Here are a few of my all time favourite Rolling Stone covers

Rolling Stone Issue 716 Alicia Silverstone September 7th 1995 Photograph by Peggy Sirota

Rolling Stone Issue 591 Bruce Springsteen November 15th 1990 Photograph by Annie Leibovitz

Rolling Stone Issue 696 Courtney Love December 15th 1994 Photograph by Mark Seliger

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Joe's blog said...

YEAH! Rolling Stone! I've collected them and have some from 1994-1996. I love it!