Now there's a cover!

So many magazines have disappointed me with their covers, especially Vogue. They used to do some really interesting covers but lately all they've been doing is averagely pretty close-ups of faces! Well Vogue Turkey have really pulled it out of the bag this time by using Victoria Beckham. I love Victoria and think her collection isn't just a celebrity collection, it's a designers collection. There's nothing i hate more than a celebrity putting their name to a Fashion line they've 'designed' when they clearly haven't, but you can tell Victoria puts her soul into her collection. Plus she's really funny, remember when she let Ali G interview her? Anyway i think the cover is amazing and the whole spread. She's got her extensions back in, which will take us back to the dreadful WAG era. I really liked her hair when she had the shaggy bob but i think she could get away with some subtle hair extensions.

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