Must Have

Every sunday I think I'll do a post on something I really really really want to own. The first thing is something I've been lusting over for over a year and I am so desperate for one! A Mulberry Bayswater in Black. Mmmmmm the bag is so gorgeous with soft butter leather and suede interior. Every time I go into John Lewis I always run up to the bag and basically walk around the shop pretending I own it, which I realise is very sad of me ha. The other option is the Daria Hobo bag also in Black. This one is also gorgeous and would fit in all the essentials, but if I had the choice ( doubt that's happening any time soon) I'd choose the Bayswater! Yum Yum.

On a side not I'm currently making a list of all the items of clothing I want/need. It's time to get rid of my clothes I think! just stuff I don't wear and start afresh with my wardrobe! I have some really old stuff in there! Can anybody suggest somewhere I could swap my clothes for money or for other clothes? Not sure if I want to go down the whole ebay root! I can't wait to just start from the start!

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minnja said...

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