Want want want...

Unfortunately the last item of clothing I purchased was back in May. Not having a job and trying to save money means I cant fund my expensive taste. Hopefully I'll be getting a job for the next year and then i can get some clothes! These are all from Topshop and are all on my want list! I'm desperate for a a long sheer dress or a short one with sleeves. I found the perfect one but unfortunately for me it's £80 but sold out anyway which makes me feel slightly better!

In desperate need of some jeans after i ripped mine! I have light jeans, black, baggy, every style but nothing beats a classic skinny blue jean! It goes with pretty much everything! At £40 they're a good price.

I think I'm the only person without a maxi dress! I've got quite a bohemian style so the style suits me perfectly but my lack of funds has been holding me back! I'd usually go for a black colour but this grey and white striped one is gorgeous and can be worn with darker tones.

This oversized tee would look great with a denim jacket and some dr.martens! Great to go from summer to autumn, worn with some grey tights and can be worn throughout winter!

I think the plaid shirt is never going to go out of style, so easy to wear! I love this short sleeved version perfect for late summer! Will have to avoid ending up looking like cowgirl though!

Perfect oversized shirt! The colour is great and can be worn with darker or lighter trousers! The style is great as it will cover my bum but will show off my figure and not drown me! I think I'd either have it in this colour or khaki!

I wish i had the guts to wear these! The housemates I live with don't quite get my style and anything new I try, they just laugh. I don't think they quite caught the fashion bug like I did! I love these and leather is one of my favourite materials.

I am in love with this colour! I have dark hair with a blunt fringe but I'm quite pale so I think the colour might just drown me out! I usually wear darker tones but I have been drawn to more colour lately so this king of make up will let me keep a darker edge!

I am SO in love with this dress! I want it so badly! this would go perfect with these black velvet wedges i bought before and some dark lipstick. Love love love!

This is the kind of sheer stuff i love! Very bohemian! I just only wished that the top was a bit longer to cover my bum!

And finally… Once again I need the guts to purchase a hat! I am desperate for a trilby and I think this is perfect, love the feather detail on the side!

I realise that this is quite a long post and list! I can only dream...


Joe's blog said...

Oh...I hope you'll get a job soon...I know how it feels not to have enough money...I cross my fingers for you! Let me know when you have the job interview so I'll send all my positive energy to you to help you getting it! I did so for a friend of mine, I concentrated my thoughts on him at the hour he had the interviev and he got the job!
Since then I believe in this supernatural stuff...

Waveney said...

Nice pieces - especially the black dress - how much is it? Yes good luck with the job - though I find even with one I can't afford anything!

Waveney xx