We Can Do It!

I might be a bit slow on this one, but i was flicking through the music channels last night and i found this beyonce video for her song 'Why don't you love me?' and I was blown away! I love this video and it's my new favourite video. I like her but have never been a massive fan and find her videos quite boring and has the usual sexy look but this one is awesome. It takes inspiration from the famous 'We can do it!' poster. I found some stills from the video but they're not great quality but you should definitely check out the video!

The make-up and the styling on this is fantastic and I think the blonde hair actually quite suits her, especially with this kind of look!




Two Girls One Closet said...

I love this video too!
Her style is so retro and vintage in it and it has a lot of inspiration for a music video.
Thanks for your comment! Love love love your blog!

xoxo two girls one closet

Waveney said...

She looks AMAZING in this video, and in the new photoshoot for the single (think I saw it on dailymail website) . Great blog!