Damn, You've Got Some Wicked Style

I've spent a terribly pathetic afternoon trying to sniff away this cold watching The O.C in bed, but I did go looking through The Sartorialist and found some of my favourite photos from the last few months! Do the same as me, enjoy a lazy afternoon in bed looking at some great style! Enjoy

Amazing pose, it's like she was just waiting to be photographed

Love the glasses, the hair. The trousers look so chic teamed with a vest

The midi length dress is perfect and an interesting twist paired with lace up boots

This guy is so immaculate!

The skirt mixed with a looser top is a great combination, they look so relaxed and happy together

I love the coluring, the pale pink with black hair. My favourite bit is the headscarf

This is my perfect outfit!

This is proof how double denim can work!

Makes me want to get white converse even more!

Very my style, amazing boots!

Mixing leopard print and stripes works really well here, the glasses and ponytail are my favourite bits.

They look like their having so much fun

The print on this dress is gorgeous

Amazing boots, Amazing jacket and Amazing hair

Check out The Sartorialist's blog here

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