A Little Help

I've been busy today preparing for my dad's birthday party later on. His birthday is next week, I might post a little vintage picture of me and him doing some quality daughter and dad time. So this just reminded me of getting ready for a party when you don't have much time. I usually do the same style of make-up every time I go out but I found some really cool make-up tutorials online in loads of different styles. Here's one of my favourites. It's a Brigitte Bardot style, I use this style every time I go out, and It's really easy and done in ten minutes! Perfect.

And here's another Brigitte Bardot style I like to use as well, this takes slightly longer but shows you some hair tips also. This comes in 2 parts, the next video is shown as a link at the end of the video. The woman in this video, Samantha Chapman, also does loads of other different styles along with her sister. Their all on YouTube so check them out for a new style!

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