Lusting for Marc

Marc Jacobs has launched a new site, I'm not sure exactly how long ago it was put up but I'm in love with it. It's very cool and I love the illustrations! You can check that out here I never really took notice of Marc Jacobs before, which I am not ashamed of, but I really like his designs. My favourite are his accessories. Here are some from the website I'm lusting over!

Yum Yum, this would be a perfect laptop bag to take to uni!
I have the 'nemo nisi mors' ring but as it's not real silver, sadly It's gone all green and rusting. I really love all the designs and want them all! preferably none rusty!

I need to venture out from my Ray Bans, I love the cool print on the sunglasses and that their slightly winged

I am on the hunt for a new watch and I wanted an oversized silver one but I love this one, notice how it matches perfectly with the bag? ha

What do you think of the website?

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