The Ugly Side of Fashion

I am sat at home watching Sex and the City as the rest of my housemates are out for freshers, I spent most of my money today on some new clothes so I can't really complain. I took advantage of H&M. I've never really shopped at H&M before, but I will definitely be going again. I spent the same amount on 4 different items today as I would on one item in Topshop. I got some really good basic items. I'm trying to start a fresh new wardrobe. I'm getting rid of so many clothes and building up my wardrobe to not be so cluttered with so many random clothes. I know the aviator jacket is THE jacket of the season but I'm really eyeing up this coat from H&M. I love the colour and would be a great winter day to day coat.

So your probably wondering why I've named the post 'The Ugly side of Fashion' and blabbing on about H&M, I wanted to share this trailer for the new film 'Picture Me' , when I heard they were doing this film I was so exited. It's about the 'real world' of modelling, through their eyes. It's kind of like The September Issue but a lot grittier! I'm not sure when the film is being released, but here's the trailer for you to check out!

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