Your either born a Christina, or a Kate

My post title came from an article in this week's Grazia, and it really caught my eye. The article was about Mad Men star Christina Hendricks' amazing figure. There's been a lot of blogging about the body lately and I thought I'd share my thoughts! It's a tricky subject as my body was never really usually an issue until the last year. I was always a size 8/10 and could get away with wearing pretty much anything. I was a very slim build but with a good size bum but all that changed. Out of nowhere I had boobs and wide hips.

So the last year has been a real struggle to come to terms with my new body. I am now a curvy size 12 and I pretty much feel fat because none of my old clothes fit me properly. I'm not saying that a size 12 is fat, but I don't feel confident in my self as I was before. I have to accept that some styles just don't suit me anymore and I can't look at say Kate Moss and think that will suit me (by the way, I don't think I use to look like Kate Moss, I just look at her style for inspiration) So right now I'm in a bit of a style rut, my older clothes don't fit me and I don't have the money to buy new ones (job hunting is happening, I'll be finding out about a job interview I did soon) No matter how many times people tell me I'm not fat, I just feel unconfident. I guess people need to accept their bodies for what they are and learn that we can't mould them into what we want. I need to get out of this so starting in a few weeks I will be posting daily outfit posts and hopefully this will give me the incentive to dress properly for my shape and just experiment with new ideas! I need to embrace my new boobs and curves, after all when I was younger I always wanted to have big boobs like Pamela Anderson! Haha Be careful what you wish for!

Slight exaregation that I look like Pamela Anderson, of course haha

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