Big Problem

I'm apologising in advance as I know this post is going to sound like a complete rant but I need to get this off my chest!

So for years and years everyone has been preaching on having skinny models on the catwalk. That their a bad influence and encouraging young women to be anorexic and to be beautiful you must be thin. I've never felt that this is the message their trying to put across but I can completely understand why people would think this. Your size doesn't matter when it comes to beauty and you shouldn't have to be skinny to feel good about yourself. There's been a rise of 'plus size' models on the catwalk which is great but personally I think models should be the same size, as the focus should be on the clothes not the body shape. The size being a size 4 or a size 10. What angers me comes in two words. Beth Ditto.

I'm sure you've all seen the pictures of Beth Ditto walking for Jean-Paul Gaultier in Paris this week. He had all the 'usual' size models and then Beth. They were showing 'diversity' What angers me is how much of a hypocrite Beth Ditto is being. I think it's great that she feels happy and sexy in her size but It's been known she has a dislike for skinny models on the catwalk saying that their having a bad influence. If being too skinny is being a bad influence surely being obese is also a bad influence. Beth Ditto is obese, she is a British size 28 which is a lot above the weight she should be for her height etc. I am not saying that she needs to lose weight, if she is happy then that's brilliant but being obese is a health hazard and it should not be glamourized in the same way she is saying being anorexic is. This whole thing has two sides, yes there's being too skinny which is bad for your health but there's also being too big which is also bad for your health. If Beth wants to celebrate her size then she needs to stop bringing down other shapes and sizes.

P.S I do think she looks gorgeous here, the colour of the garments look amazing against her skin.

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