Photo Shoot

I did a photo shoot yesterday for a Uni project that was very late! So their a little rushed but I'm really please with the way they turned out. Pretty much the first time I've done a real shoot. I'm getting a little Duffy vibe form these photos, that's why I chose a Duffy song for yesterday's song. Just imagine listening to Rockferry whilst looking at the photos! The theme of the shoot was to use an Autumn Winter 2010/11 trend. I decided to use the leopard print coat. Leopard print is pretty much everywhere and has this sort of 60's vibe and that's the kind of look I was going for. Major thanks to my model Amy, who's been my best friend since birth, for doing the shoot. She looks gorgeous. And a major shout out to my friend Trev who helped with the shoot, without him I couldn't have done it!

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minnja said...

I looooove it:))