My obsession with The Kennedy's is increasing by the day! I managed to stop myself from reading about them today for 20mins to go on the computer to check my emails and write this post! I will most probably go back to reading after this! I have a huge fascination with their lives and not only JFK and Jackie but the whole family! I'm interested in every detail, how the Kennedy's were more like a brand than a family and the scandal that went on behind closed doors. Nothing was certainly as it seemed on the outside. These pictures were taken by the fashion photographer Richard Avedon. I recently purchased the book 'Richard Avedon, The Kennedys' which is a selection of photography work he did on JFK and Jackie. Here are some examples below from 1961 as John F Kennedy was elected President of the United States of America.

The 'Happy Couple' Jack and Jackie

Jack with the young Caroline

Caroline kisses baby JFK Junior

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree-I think JFK is my favorite president to learn about and his life is fascinating...also think he's the most good looking president we've had. Jackie is just gorgeous.