Yesterday in Uni was really interesting, we were taught how to plan and design photo shoots/videos through story boards. A story board basically means planning what exactly your going to do, which colours you'll use etc. Along with the story board, you have a mood board which is where your inspiration came from and the theme. We looked at lots of different videos of people planning famous tv adverts and one of the videos was the making of Katy Perry's 'California Gurls' music video.The video showed that the original concept of the video was from a series of paintings made my 'Will cotton' you can see the original paintings below. Will cotton actually worked on the video and he built the life size 'candy world' he also did the album artwork for Katy's album 'Teenage Dream' you can see where the inspiration came from and it's nice to see how Will's original idea was interpreted for Katy. I've posted the videos up as I think their really interesting. One is on the album artwork and the other is for the music video!

(This picture of Katy Perry is actually a painting, it's amazing! looks just like her!)

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