I got this picture from The Sartorialist blog which, for those of you who don't know, is a guy who wonders the streets with his camera and takes pictures of some deliciously fashionable people. From well known to faces to the unknown. If you've never checked him out before you really should!

Here is a picture of socialite Olivia Palermo in London. If you've ever watched MTV's 'The City' then you will despise this woman but as 'The City' is a scripted show I'm willing to give her a chance and say im sure in the real world she's a lovely girl. It doesn't help that she is groomed to perfection and looks amazing all the time. She does have a really good eye for fashion. You can have a look here at when she did a months feature of 'Today I'm Wearing' for Vogue UK. She is one of the best Vogue have featured on as she had a range of day to night looks and really knew how to show the clothes off with good lighting and someone else taking the pictures. A lot of the people they have now literally take pictures of themselves in the dark infront of a mirror where it's almost impossible to see what they are wearing. (Another good one they had was Alexa Chung, you can see all the features they've done/doing on the link I've posted)

Back to Olivia's picture, I love it as it's unposed yet she looks so elegant and graceful. I wish we could have seen the next shot as I would love to see her attempt to cycle in those sky scrapers! I'm guessing she had a pair of sensible flats in her bag to change into but then again, she probably would cycle in heels, effortlessly. The wind won't make a difference to her hair and she wouldn't be flushed at all. Some people get all the luck!

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