Beautiful Disaster

I must be the first person ever to blog about how beautiful Robert Pattinson is yeah? (Hopefully you can sense the sarcasm in my tone!)
But seriously, he is beautiful! When there's so much hype made up about people, people forget why their hyped up in the first place! I remember watching him in Harry Potter thinking he was lush then he was in Twilight (perfect casting as Edward) and was even more good looking! Then the poor guy just got mobbed by all these girls (me included) and I kind of feel pitty on him! He never has to work again because of Twilight but he can't be taken seriously now for serious acting roles. His music is also good but he's kind of mocked because of Twilight! I hope as he get's older the hype of Twilight will die down and he's taken more seriously as an actor because none of us want him to go away now do we!

(P.s how much does he look like James Dean in the third picture?)

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