High Voltage

I love Kat Von D. I have a huge interest in tattoos but weirdly I don't have one (I just don't have the guts) For those who dont know, Kat is a tattoo artist and one of the best artists in the world. She's known for her life-like black and grey portraits and has achieved a hell of a lot for her age! (she's only 28) She's the star of LA ink which shows her running her tattoo shop in Los Angeles. I'm not usually a fan of heavily tattooed women, but Kat jut completely gets away with it! I think they look beautiful on her. Her shop is called High Voltage so I thought it would be an appropriate blog post name! Then I remember it is friday so time for a friday song. I couldn't resist on picking a song that goes with the name! It's a few years old and I love it! Such a feel good song! I am going back to University tomorrow and I can't wait! It's been nice to be at home for Christmas but I'm ready to back now to routine and doing some work! Bring it on!

Electric Six-High Voltage


Vivian said...

Mmhh.... she's cool indeed, but she's a bit overdone, isn't she?
Moreover I don't like that she's often wearing tops with the bare belly! I find it abit unclassy and so '90s! ;D

Andres Vairua said...

About her tattoos, I don't think so,it really shows how she is, for her is aaall bout that. Now those tops... I don't personally like them, I like her better when she's wearing dresses or something more ladylike. It's kinda of a cute rocker mix idk, I just like it :D