A Picture...Of The Place I'd Most Like To Visit

I'm beginning a post called "A Picture..." which will basically be me sharing a picture/pictures (it will probably be more than one because i can never decide) on things like for example today will be A Picture...Of The Place I'd Most Like To Visit. I'm not sure where I came up with the idea from or if someone else is doing it on their blog! If you guys have any suggestions of what I could do for "A Picture..." for future posts, then let me know! I'd love some ideas!

So today's "A Picture...Of The Place I'd Most Like To Visit" is Los Angeles! I've been to America once, I went to New York which was brilliant but I'd really love to go to Los Angeles. Holidays were spent in France, Germany and Spain. Such a beautiful place and I love the mix of the beach and the sea, then the mountains and the city. My brother is currently travelling around Australia, New Zealand then off to Fiji.  After Fiji he's doing a trip around America which I'm extremely jealous off. I think hes going to LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and then to New York! I've posted before about my fascination of the Hollywood Sign so I'd like to see that in real life. I know it's such a cliche and people always say how underwhelming it is, but i just like the concept of it. Have any of you guys visited Los Angeles? Where's the place you'd most like to visit?

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