Ever since I posted about Taylor Swift's outfit she wore for The People's Choice Awards I have been a little obsessed with her! I have developed a little crush on her. She so uniquely beautiful. I don't think I've seen anyone who looks like her before. I haven't seen her dress in anything groundbreaking but I think that's part of her charm. She doesn't try to be a style icon but it's her looks and the fact that she's a country singer that makes her so unique. I haven't really listened to her music because I'm not really a huge fan of pop music (but my new love for Rihanna maybe the start of that) but I do love country music so we'll see how that goes! I'd love to see Taylor do some editorials for the best magazines. I'd love to see her to i-D or something!

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The Dandizette said...

She is stunning, I think when your that beautiful you can wear really simple outfits, kinda like Ms jolie!