Crop Crop

So everyones seen Emma Watson's new cropped do and my first reaction was that I hated it. I still hate it but then it just made me start to think about women with shorter hair, why are they instantly considered less attractive with short hair? Now i'm not saying that I think this but it is what the majority of society thinks. I saw today that Vogue had done an article on women with shorter hair so I thought I'd look at some women with shorter hair, some of the most beautiful women in the world and if they look 'less attractive' with shorter hair.

This was Victoria Beckham's breakthrough, I cant believe how much her features pop out with this haircut and the brown definitely suits her more than the blonde. I think this made her look more attractive than when she had longer hair

She owns the short hair cut and that theres no doubt this suits her, it made her into a fashion icon but not a sex symbol.

I think the short cut doesn't suit her and the colour is wrong! Moss needs the hair!

No, No, No.

She, like Twiggy made the short hair popular but once again she was not portrayed as a sex symbol.

I think the short cut suits her and i especially loved the style in Factory Girl but I will always love Siennas long locks more!

The colour is all wrong and I do think her short hair makes her look less attractive. My favourite hairstyle of her's was when she was in The edge of Love.

I can't ever imagine Halle Berry with long hair! Love this cut!

I think Carey Mulligan is the Twiggy and Audrey of our time in the way that short hair will always suit her and she's one of those rare women who can actually get away with it!

As a girl who's interested in fashion I'm always going to see the fashion side of someones hair cut and not think of whether men find it attractive or not. I think some women are born to have short hair, and some aren't and its about breaking the stereotype that you have to have long hair to be considered attractive. I think I'll always have long hair, I like to think of it as my main feature but for all you who are contemplating cutting your hair, do it! My friend recently did it and she said it was the best decision she ever did! Nothing makes a woman more attractive than her feeling confident and attractive in herself!