Presents from Paris

So imagine my excitement when my parents come home from paris with these bags for me

They got me some nail polish in the colours black satin and the gorgeous new colour 'particuliere' 505 It's a sort of mushroom colour. But things get even better when they surprise me with these AMAZING earrings. I've always wanted a pair of these and I was so exited when I got them!

I'm really sorry for my rubbish quality images but I was in a rush, reason I haven't posted much in a few days is because I've been moving into my student house. I had to leave my earrings back home so I only got to spend a few hours with them. I'm all settled into the new house so blogging will continue as usual! And seeing as it's Friday here's a song for you.

This is Lostprophets song 'where we belong' this isn't my favourite Lostprophets song but this video is extra special as I'm actually in the video!! How cool is that! It's around the 2:24 mark! You'll find me wearing a lilac coat jumping around like an idiot. This was taken back in Reading Festival 2009. I was just watching the music channels this came on and I thought to myself 'I swear thats me!' and it was! I'll be showing the grandchildren this video when I'm really old ha

"Hold On Hold On
We’ll Move Along
Where We Belong
Where We Belong
My Heart My Song"

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